Cambridge PU College

Cambridge PU College embarked on its voyage in 2005 and over the decade has made a league of its own thus giving a niche to Senior-secondary education. The college is a part of Umesh Education Trust which was established in 1967 under the vision of its founder, Sri D K Mohan and the legacy continues.

The Cambridge family under its umbrella has The Cambridge School (18th ISCE School established in Bangalore); this was the first institute followed by Cambridge Institute of Technology (K R Puram) and Cambridge PU College. The new entrant as of today is the Cambridge Institute of Technology (North Campus).

The purpose of starting a PU College under the Cambridge wing is only for the reason that Our Chairman, Sri D K Mohan saw the unique need for quality Senior-secondary education. He saw the slack in basics when students enter professional courses, such as Engineering, Medical, Service-oriented programmes, etc. The Cambridge PU College came with this mindset that our students will be firm in their basics as it is rightly put across that “Towers are built, only if the Foundation is strong”.

The college currently offers five combinations – PCMB, PCMC, SEBA, CEBA and PCME with around 400+ students and 21 faculties as its core strength.

Cambridge PU College feels very proud is expressing that under the leadership of Prof. Jawahar Mirazkar, Our Principal, a highly experienced, sound academician and administrator the number of enrollments has only been increasing. This is because of his new ideas and keeping the team technology-spirited (the one aspect that Cambridge truly follows).     

We as Cambridge and with the vision of building bridges between industry and academia will be introducing our Degree Wing (another new venture thus growing our Family tree) this academic year, i.e. 2019 – 2020

Our Objectives

The objective of Cambridge PU College is to;

  • Offer value-based, meaningful and productive education
  • Develop its students intellectual skills and understanding going beyond academic requirements
  • Establish a relationship with traditions and community
  • Cultivate among students team spirit, honesty, co-operation, fair play and habits of health and hygiene
  • Create scientific temper, research rigor and holistic vision for building up a better society