Ethnic day, a unique amalgamation of cultures of India and other countries was celebrated on 04th May 2019.

It was an endeavor to bring about a simple expression of unity in diversity that holds together the multitudes of outlooks, lifestyles, and traditions to reflect the ethnicity of our country. The students made the day more colorful by wearing traditional attire. The response from the students was overwhelming.

Dressed in colorful traditional attires, all of them were looking gorgeous.

The day started with a celebration of Ethic day at the respective departments under the leadership of Head of the Departments. Mr. and Ms. Ethnic was selected from each department. Prizes were given to winners of many activities, held at the department level.

The main function was celebrated in the presence of the Principal, Dr. Suresh L and the Director, Dr. D H Rao. The event was anchored by Prof. Subramanya and Prof. Ravikiran of the MBA department. The students selected as Mr. and Ms. Ethnic from the departments competed to the title of Mr. and Ms. Cambridge. The Judges had a tough time to choose the winners as all the students had put in their best efforts. Finally, the winners are:

Mr. Cambridge         –           Mr. Biwek Basnet, Department of CSE

Ms. Cambridge         –           Ms. Nazneen, Department of MBA

The Winners are rewarded with the cash prize of 5,000/- each.

Mr. and Ms. Ethnic selection was conducted for staff also. The winners are:

Mr. Ethnic     –           Dr. Halesh Kotti, Department of ME

Ms. Ethnic     –           Prof. Harini, Department of CSE

Principal appreciated the winners by announcing cash prizes on his behalf.

After the competition, prizes were distributed by the Chairman, Sri D K Mohan to the winners of cultural and sports events conducted for CHIGURU-2019.

The celebration was organized by Prof. Shivapanchakshari T G, Cultural Secretary and the Cultural Committee of the Cambridge Institute of Technology.

Overall the celebration culminated with a happy note. It imparted a lot of learning, happiness, and joy to all.